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Founded in 2007, Taivaannaula is a Finnish organization dedicated to preserving and fostering the native Finnish religion and culture.

It’s all about our Finnish roots: traditional spirituality, culture, nature and way of life. By this we mean the traditional beliefs, customs and celebrations, which are connected to the ancient worldview and the yearly cycle of nature. Officially, Finland has been a Christian country for over millennia. Yet many later beliefs, customs and attitudes towards nature reflect deeper and far older nature-based spiritual worldview. This ethnic tradition, which has its roots in Uralic nature-based religions, has sometimes survived almost to the present day.

Please note that we do not consider Taivaannaula to be a Neo-Pagan organization nor do we strive to reconstruct pre-Christian beliefs or practices. We do not limit ourselves to the boundaries of the modern narrow concept of ‘religion’. Instead we take comprehensive approach to our cultural heritage as human beings in the natural world – cherishing our traditional culture, skills, songs, dances and the whole earthy way of life. We focus on the continuity of our nature-related folk traditions – some of which have been well-known almost to the present day.

E-book on the Finnish tradition

You can download our English-language e-book on Baltic-Finnish mythology and folk religion from here.

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We have two pages on Facebok. Taivaannaula is an educational site dedicated to sharing knowledge about our traditions. We also have a Facebook group for people interested in Taivaannaula.

There’s also Taivaannaula page on Google+.